Arron Audio engineering is a passion for Tabula AUDIO. We strive to always keep every event up to professional standards and to always achieve the highest quality of Audio possible. We are meticulous with all the little things in every show we do and we make sure that all aspects of audio are reliable, tuned, and ready to go.

Certificate Diploma in Audio Engineering,
School of Audio Engineering (SAE)

My name is Arron Jardine, I am a Audio Engineer with a Diploma from SAE. I have always had a passion for Live Sound and Audio since young. I was always listening and figuring out things I heard and I constantly push myself in all aspects of audio, whether it's Live Sound, Audio Installation or Recording. I pay close attention to my client's needs and my job is to provide a reliable, high quality audio experience with whatever is provided or what I can provide. No matter what the budget is, I strive to achieve the best quality of audio on every level.

Live sound is my passion, I have worked on many types of boards from small formats to large digital Desks. I have been front of house engineer and monitor engineer for many bands but I am well versed in In ear monitors and have a great passion for mixing Stereo IEMs for Live Rock Bands.

Install Sound - When it comes to Install sound we provide a slightly different approach, where by we cater to your needs and budget.
Recording - Whether it's live multi track, or Voice over for TVC in the Studio. We strive for great sound and reliable recording every time. Whether you are a Live band looking to Record your album launch, or a seminar that you would like to keep for your clients, we can provide it to you.

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